Samsung Ml 1665 Горит Красная Лампочка

Samsung ML 1660 / ML 1665 Series reset (RED LIGHT FIX)

Details in the description, read EVERYTHING before attempting to reset your printer.This tutorial worked for me (I own a Samsung ML 1665 and have tried this tutorial on Windows 7 and 8.1, both x64) and I hope it will also work for you. Keep in mind that resetting your printer voids warranty. I am not responsible for any damage or malfunctions caused by this tutorial. That is why you need to do some research for yourself and read this tutorial thoroughly before attempting to reset your printer.Good luck. :)Reason why your printer‘s red light is blinking or is constantly on is that «each OEM toner cartridge for the Samsung ML1660/1665 comes with a memory chip that records the toner usage. Depending on whether it is a starter cartridge of a replacement cartridge, the printer will only allow you to print up to a certain number of pages. When the light starts to blink in red, the printer is warning you that it is time to get a new cartridge and you will still be able to print some more pages. Once the light turns solid red, you will not be able to print anymore pages, even if you know you still have toner left in the cartridge.» (from )Pre-measures:
1) Make sure that your printer is installed to your PC.
2) Find out the version of your printer (mine is v30 or «v1.20.00.30» -> the last 2 digits are important). You can check that out in two ways:
— by printing a configuration page — «Press and hold down the print screen button on the printer (about 3 sec): You will see the status light blink fast, stay solid and blink slowly. Now release the button and the configuration page will print that shows you the firmware version of your printer.» (from )
— OR by removing the right cover of your printer (follow this ytb tutorial, from — — ).
3) Download «reset 1660.rar» (for versions v0.82 and v30) from: . For other versions -> IT IS IMPORTANT that you acquire the correct reset files for your version.
4) Extract the downloaded files somewhere.Reset:
1) Turn off printer and take out the toner. Cover the chip on the right side of the toner with a piece of tape. Return the toner back inside.
3) TURN THE PRINTER ON. Put a sheet of paper in the printer (important for later).
4) Depending on the version of your printer, go to the \166x folder and next to either «FIX_ML1660_v_82_00_78_rar» or the «V30» folder.
There are 2 files inside — «usbprn2.exe» and «ML 1160-30.fls» (or «FIX_ML-1660_v.82.00.78.fls» in the other folder).
5) IMPORTANT: DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PRINTER from now on. If you disconnect your printer during the reset (i.e. pull the cables out or press the turn off button), your printer may become unusable.
6) Drag the file «ML1660-30.fls» to «usbprn2.exe».
7) The usbprn2.exe window will pop up and after 4-5 seconds it will close itself. The printer will start making sounds and the red light will eventually become green. This will probably last under 1 minute, but for safety reasons, wait a while after the light becomes green. (NOTE: if you haven’t put the paper inside the tray, you won’t be able to see the light changing from red to green).
If this by any chance did not work, repeat the same procedure again.
8) You’re ready to print again. 🙂

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